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Man from Jersey City facing DWI charge for police car collision

The Jersey City man who was arrested for driving his vehicle into a borough police car on Sunday, April 19, is now facing a DWI charge. The charges were made by authorities on Monday, April 20.

Felony DUI under New Jersey law

In most cases, those who are charged with a DUI are charged with a misdemeanor. However, it is possible that the charge could be elevated to a felony if certain criteria are met. For instance, those who have a blood alcohol content level significantly higher than .08 percent may be charged with a felony. Those who have been convicted of DUI in the past may also face harsher penalties for a new charge even if they have only been charged once in the past 10 years.

BAC level and DWI charges

A person who consumes any amount of alcohol and then operates a vehicle in New Jersey could potentially be charged for drunk driving. Although the legal blood alcohol concentration limit for driving is .08 percent, the law allows a person to be prosecuted for drunk driving even when their BAC is below the statutory limit.