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September 2015 Archives

Man accused of hiding alcohol bottle after 5-car crash

On Sept. 9, a man in New Jersey was charged for drunk driving after a five-car accident. The crash occurred at 6:11 p.m. while the 34-year-old Oakland man was traveling along Route 23 in Riverdale. One of the other drivers involved in the accident was taken to the hospital after complaining of dizziness, but no other injuries were reported.

Driver stopped for speeding charged with DUI

What apparently started out as a New Jersey officer pulling a driver over in Fairfield due to a speeding violation resulted in charges for marijuana possession and driving under the influence. The 24-year-old male driver was detained by the authorities on Sept. 11 when traveling on Route 36 East at about 12:40 a.m., and the officer who observed the Woodland Park man's driving reported that he was traveling at 76 mph in a 50 mph zone.

The problems with urine testing for BAC levels

Law enforcement agencies in New Jersey may turn to urine tests only when other toxicology tests are unavailable. This is because urine testing is considered intrusive, and it cannot be performed in the field by police officers. The results of urine tests may also be misleading. The BAC levels revealed by urine tests are sometimes much higher or lower than actual alcohol levels in the body. This is because alcohol may go undetected in urine for up to two hours and remains in the system for as long as 24 hours.

New Jersey man receives 7-year sentence in drug-related crash

A 31-year-old man was sentenced to seven years in prison after a 2013 motor vehicle accident that killed an 80-year-old Brick woman. The Point Pleasant man was convicted for impaired driving before this vehicular homicide conviction. His previous conviction was for driving while under the influence of alcohol, and he had an ignition interlock device in his car, which prevents a vehicle from moving if a driver has consumed alcohol.